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The Power of Vitamin C

Rise and shine! Today, we're talking about your morning skin care routine. 

I truly wish I could be one of those morning people that wake up before dawn to exercise and drink my morning matcha before the children are awake. I do. But in all reality, any wake-up call before 7 am is brutal for me. Hence, mornings around my house are typically a little rushed and my matcha lives in a to-go mug. But the one thing I always always always make time to do? My morning skincare routine. And because I know me, it is simple, concise, and to the point. I don't have time for fluff in the morning, it's all about necessity. And that's how I know that this next piece of advice is something you can easily incorporate into your life now.

We've talked about the basics of skin care. Now we're going to focus on vitamin C. 

the power of vitamin c serum skin care

If you're an AM person who worked out first thing in the morning, you can rinse and cleanse your face with a non-foaming cleanser first, or you can skip this step if you just woke up. Either way, to start, you want to be sure your face is slightly damp to start your routine.

Your first step is going to be the application of a vitamin C serum. 

Why a serum? Because the first thing to know about vitamin C is that the formulation matters. It is incredibly unstable and will oxidize (a fancy way to say break down and become useless) over time. This process is amplified when exposed to air. The specific vitamin C needs to be L-ascorbic acid in a 10-20% concentration. If it is combined with vitamin E and Ferulic acid, even better, as it enhances the effects of vitamin C and helps stabilize it. The Vitamin C should be clear to light yellow. If it has turned orange, it has oxidized and should be trashed. 

As we discussed before, once you have entered the age of “anti-aging” skin care, most of your products need to have some sort of collagen stimulating effect. You start losing collagen by 1% each year of your life starting around age 30. Now is the time to protect what you have and work on building back what you have lost. 

The great news? Vitamin C does just that. It is an important promoter of collagen synthesis. But not just any collagen will do. No, vitamin C helps build a very stable form of collagen and helps to protect the collagen you already have. As such, you may start to see some improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

And the list of benefits really just continues on with our friend vitamin C:

  • It is an antioxidant, working to neutralize free radicals in the skin that want to break down your collagen. Free radicals are created as the by-products of exposure to everyday environmental pollutants, sun exposure and poor diet.

  • Vitamin C can have a brightening effect and improve dark spots known as hyperpigmentation.

  • It can even help to boost the effectiveness of your sunscreen.

Have you fallen head over heels for this lovely ingredient? Us too. We'll be sure to give you more of our AM skin care favorites in upcoming lessons. You be sure to tell yourself three things that you like about yourself when you look in the mirror today. And be thankful for your own unique beauty. Cause we certainly are thankful for you!

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Disclaimer: The insights shared in this blog post are meant for educational and informational purposes, crafted with care to empower your journey towards wellness. However, please remember that they are not a replacement for personalized medical advice or consultation. Your unique needs deserve the attention of a qualified professional for accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment. We're here to support you on your path to radiant health and beauty!

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